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inSync finished tens of millions yuan angel round investment, SoftBank China (SBCVC) led.
Release time:2023,06,15

In June 2023, following the strategic financing, inSync finished tens of millions of yuan angel round financing, the head venture capital - SoftBank China SBCVC led the investment. The completion of this round of financing will accelerate the development and production progress of the company's MEMS micromirror series products, and further promote the large-scale application of customer products in the fields of Lidar, robotics, laser display, medical applications.

inSync (Shanghai inSyncMEMS Technologies Co., LTD.) is a MEMS enterprise engaged in the research and development, design, manufacturing and industrial application of automotive, robotics and consumer electronics. The company is mainly engaged in MEMS chips, devices and components, microelectronic devices and components, sensor application system integration research and development, design, production and sales. inSync invented the core technology of MEMS micromirror array chips in the world, and is the leading scanner technology in the industry that can not only achieve hundreds of square millimeters of ultra-large aperture, but also retain the advantages of MEMS high integration and low cost, but also can 100% pass the vehicle scale AEC-Q100 standard (1500G Shock Test).

Relying on the company's team's years of design and development, process technology accumulation and fluidic experience in the MEMS device industry, through innovative design and manufacture of MEMS chips and device level sealing and testing integration, To provide high performance, high reliability, high integration, low cost MEMS chip devices for automotive cabin, autonomous driving, ARVR, medical, scientific research and other customers, to help customers achieve highly competitive system products. Since 2018, the team has focused on the research of large-aperture, high-reliability MEMS micromirror technology, made technological breakthroughs and engineering innovations in the field of array micromirror and piezoelectric micromirror, and has completed the mass production process and entered the scale supply stage.


As a tier2 supplier, inSync is providing the world's leading optical control solutions, providing customers in the fields of Lidar, consumer electronics, medical health with different shapes and aperture areas of micromirrors, including mirror size, shape, scanning frequency, FoV, etc., to meet the diversified needs of customers. In addition, inSync offers a suite of development tools, opto-mechanical reference design models, and debugging software and debugging tools for evaluating MEMS micromirror products.












Founded in 2000, SoftBank China Capital (SBCVC) is a venture capital dedicated to investing in outstanding high-growth, high-tech companies in the Greater China region. SBCVC has successfully invested in Alibaba, Taobao, Focus Media, GDS, BGI, Dean Diagnostics, Libang Instrument and a series of outstanding enterprises. SoftBank China Capital currently manages several USD and RMB funds, investing in sectors including information technology, healthcare, clean technology, consumer retail and high-end manufacturing.

In addition to capital support, SoftBank China Capital actively provides investee enterprises with various resources integration, market development and technology introduction, talent introduction, refinancing and other aspects of support, and with the rich experience in investment, operation and international resource advantages, to help the development and growth of investee enterprises in various aspects.

inSync is a MEMS enterprise engaged in R&D, manufacturing and application of automotive/Industry/Consumer/Medical. The company is dedicated focus in MEMS actuators, devices, sensors, and application system




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