Advanced Optic MEMS Solutions

Product introduction

inSync MEMS Mirror (Array)

inSync has creatively developed MEMS Mirror Array (MMA) technologies, which is the only achieved super-large aperture (increase the maximum aperture area by ~10 times, which can greatly improve the optical scanning performance such as LiDAR), while retaining the advantages of MEMS high reliability/integration and low cost. It can also 100% pass AEC-Q G2 reliability test.

Product advantages

inSync MEMS Mirror (Array)

Technological Innovation

inSync MEMS Mirror (Array)

Product list

inSync MEMS Mirror (Array)

Category Picture Mirror Size (mm) Package Size (mm) Frequency (Hz) Optical angle ° AEC Q test Shock test
A290<br>(download) 17*17 18.2*18.2 2K ±7.5 Full compliance >1500G
A150<br>(download) 8.5*17 9.1*18.2 2K ±12.5 Full compliance >1500G
A80<br>(download) 8*8 9.1*9.1 2K ±12.5 Full compliance >1500G

Technical overview

MEMS Process Basis

The manufacturing process of inSync mems mirror array is based on BOSCH DRIE fast switch of SI etching and polymer deposition. The precision of MEMS mechanical structure is in um controlled. The drive and sense micro system is well-deisgned comb structure. With dozens of synchronized resonace micro mirrors, we can achieve super-large aperture size with high reliability.

inSync is a MEMS enterprise engaged in R&D, manufacturing and application of automotive/Industry/Consumer/Medical. The company is dedicated focus in MEMS actuators, devices, sensors, and application system




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