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inSync was strategically invested by Focuslight, to accelerate the MEMS Mirror Array chips R&D a
Release time:2023,02,06

In February 2023, inSync was strategically invested and became a strategic partner of FocusLight Technology. FocusLight is the core listed enterprise of the domestic laser industry. By the accumulation of technology and product experience in respective fields, inSync and FocusLight will focus on the application of lidar, laser display, medical and aesthetic equipment, industrial manufacturing and other fields to carry out in-depth cooperation.

inSync is the world's leading technology for MEMS Mirror Array chips, and is the only scanner technology in the industry that can achieve hundreds of square millimeters of ultra-large aperture, while retaining the advantages of MEMS's high integration and low cost, and can 100% pass the car-scale AEC-Q100 standard (1500G Shock Test). The team has many years of R&D, process experience in MEMS industry. By designing and manufacturing MEMS micromirror array chip with large aperture, and conducting device level encapsulation and integration, we provide chip devices with high performance, high reliability, high integration and low cost for semi-solid lidar, laser imaging, AR/VR and other manufacturers. Help customers achieve highly competitive system products.


FocusLight (688167) is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of upstream products of the laser industry chain, the company is the world's first bar lidar technology, high core technical barriers, its high-power semiconductor laser business has ranked in the domestic leader, and gradually expanded to the middle stream for large-scale commercial layout. The company is the first listed company upstream of the laser track, occupying the core position of the laser industry, the main business includes semiconductor laser, laser optical products, automotive applications (Lidar) and optical systems four businesses. With production bases and core technical teams in Xi 'an, Dongguan, Haining, China and Dortmund, Germany, it has developed into the strongest high-power semiconductor laser brand in China and was awarded the title of "high-power semiconductor laser Industry Pioneer" by the laser Processing Professional Committee of the Chinese Optical Society.


During the automobile industry development stage,China will become the biggest market of the global intelligent industrial chain in the future. The development at home and abroad shows that the automotive industry is the largest driving force in the development of the industrial economy, the development of China's intelligent automobile industry will drive the entire upstream and downstream industry chain, such as the prosperity and development of laser, vehicle MEMS devices.

As tier2 manufacturers, inSync and FocusLight will build a solid foundation for the deep industrial collaboration. The two sides will combine the diversified and personalized needs of the global automobile、industry、consumer market, give full play to the technological innovation capabilities and mass production advantages, provide a safer, smarter and better life.

inSync is a MEMS enterprise engaged in R&D, manufacturing and application of automotive/Industry/Consumer/Medical. The company is dedicated focus in MEMS actuators, devices, sensors, and application system




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